Counseling Services in Fallon, NV

There are so many pitfalls in life and sometimes, falling into one is unavoidable. Let Life Counseling Center provide you with the help you need in climbing out of one. We’re here to assist you in your troubled times, whether it’s overcoming addiction, reconnecting with your family or simply battling your own inner demons. We offer:
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  • Individual counseling
    For those going through tumultuous times or facing personal hardship, we’re here for you. We help you confront your struggles, fears, anger and other issues and return to healthy functioning and peace of mind.
  • Family counseling
    Family tension can be present for many reasons. We’re available for family therapy in Fallon, NV. We offer valuable therapeutic tools and techniques so you can address the tension in your family and overcome it together.
  • Marriage and relationship counseling
    Marriage is hard work and over time or in time of conflict, it can weigh on you. We offer marriage counseling in Fallon, NV to help you survive rocky times together and come out on the other side stronger.
  • Substance abuse counseling
    Addiction is destructive to individuals, relationships, physical health, and can take over the lives of good people.
    Our alcohol and drug abuse counseling can help you find stable ground, so you can pick yourself up and carry on.
  • Mediation services
    Disagreement will only grow stronger and more problematic if they’re not solved. Mediation provides a structure and environment to resolve these issues.
  • General counseling
    We all experience times when the extremes of life can become overwhelming. If you need to unburden yourself or find the stresses of life piling up around you, reach out to us. We’ll take the time to listen and talk you through the issues you are facing.

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Ron G. Marrujo is a fully licensed and certified counselor, with extensive qualifications and experience in working with individuals and groups in a variety of settings. His accreditations include:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)
  • Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor (LADC)
  • Trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

For more information about Ron or the counseling services provided by Life Counseling Center, contact us today at 775-426-8219.